As a hobby, I make video games. Here’s a list of a few of them:



DwarfCorp is a commercial game I am working on in my spare time. It is a 3D sim/tycoon game in which you run a colony of ruthless capitalist Dwarves, written in C# using the Monogame framework. I co-founded the company Completely Fair Games and recently ran a successful Kickstarter project in which we earned $47k. The game will be available on Steam. It is currently in it’s pre-alpha phases.

Get Pumped!

This was the winner of the Pittsburgh Global Game Jam 2013. The theme was the sound of a beating heart. In 48 hours, a few friends and I whipped together a networked multiplayer, 3D team-based game in which competing hospitals attempt to cure the highest number of cardiac patients by punting said patients with defibrillators. C#/XNA.

I Broke the Thing

This was our rather surreal entry to the 2011 Global Game Jam. The theme was a picture of a snake biting its own tail. In the game, you must go back in time and fight yourself to prevent yourself from reaching the time machine, over and over again. It’s complicated. Actionscript/Flixel

Space Game 2

This was a little game I worked on over a summer with the Completely Fair Games crew. It was a 2D RTS game set in space, inspired by the Homeworld series. I didn’t get much farther than pretty battles. I would like to come back to this game someday. Written in C#/XNA.


This was a clever little game I made with Game Creation Society ~2010. It’s a platformer whose gimmick is that it takes place on radial planets with realistic gravity. The game centered around perfectly timing jumps to make orbital transfers between planets. This turned out to be pretty boring. Written in C#/XNA.


This was a simple game I worked on with Game Creation Society ~2009. In the game, you command a swarm of bees and … well … destroy stuff. Written in C#/XNA.

Project: Confidential

Another game creation society game, this one was an RTS game where you attempted to defeat monsters using an army of tiny, useless soldiers. The mechanical idea was something along the lines of a “Shadow of the Colossus RTS”. Written in Java/Slick2D.


This was the first game I made. It was a simple little top down 2D RPG involving asteroid mining and shooting at space pirates. Written in Java/Slick2D.